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BECS 4th Quarter 2020 Parent FAQs 

How can I help my child to be successful with online learning? 

  • Review the weekly learning opportunities for your child’s grade on our website. This is also sent out in the parent newsletter each week. 
  • Set up a schedule in your household for learning time. We recommend 2 - 3 hours per day. 
  • Review your child’s work with them prior to submitting to Google Classroom and compare it to the assignment directions.
  • Continue to encourage and support your child during this time. While we are definitely operating outside of our normal structures, the goal is to continue to engage in learning throughout the remainder of the school year in order to set students up for ongoing success. 
Will my child advance to the next grade level? 
If conversations were in progress prior to March 12 regarding retention, those conversations will continue. Otherwise, students can expect to be promoted to the next grade level. To ensure that students continue to prepare to be in the next grade, they should be regularly engaging with the weekly learning opportunities.
When should I be hearing from my child’s teacher? 
Teachers should be making contact with families on a weekly basis and using the preferred contact method that was indicated by families. For elementary it will be the homeroom teacher and for middle school it will be the LEAD teacher. Additional contacts home may be made by other BECS staff members to help support students’ needs. 
Who should I contact if I have a question about online learning? 
The first contact should be with your child’s teacher. If you cannot get a resolution, please reach out to the Principal for your child’s grade level. 
How can my Middle School child improve their grade in a class? 
Teachers will be determining through a body of evidence if a child’s grade should improve when report card grades are posted in May. Right now the best things to focus on are having your child complete the daily assignments for each content to the best of his or her ability, submit the assignments promptly and utilize the teacher's feedback to make any improvements. Additionally, teachers are looking for students to engage in communication by participating in the live Google Meets sessions, class chats and/or emailing the teacher. 
What will 4th Quarter grades look like for K - 5 students? 
Elementary students will receive participation grades based on remote learning work completed and online engagement (class meetings, virtual lessons).
How do I know if my student is doing the work and doing a good job? 
All student learning opportunities are posted on our website and sent out in the parent newsletter each week for your knowledge. We recommend reviewing the learning opportunities with your student and following up by having your child show you work prior to submitting it via Google classroom. If you have questions regarding your child’s participation and quality of work, please reach out directly to the teacher. 
When will my child be able to collect the rest of their belongings from the school? 
We are currently working on a plan that will allow students access to retrieve any remaining items they have at school. This event will likely be scheduled for mid to late May given the Stay at Home order currently in place. 
What is the plan for refunding or crediting fees associated with Spring Activities or Athletics that were cancelled? 
Our finance manager is currently working on a process to refund or credit families for fees paid for field trips, spring sports, etc. This plan will be communicated in the next few weeks.
When will I receive Spring Pictures that were ordered? 
If you ordered spring pictures, we are working with the vendor to complete orders. Once the photos are packaged, we will communicate the distribution plan once we have a definitive delivery date.
When will I receive the yearbook I ordered and can I still order a yearbook? 
Thankfully our BECS yearbook staff completed the final submission of the yearbook prior to school closure. Therefore, we anticipate the arrival of the yearbook on time. We will communicate the distribution plan once we have a definitive delivery date. We also have a limited number of yearbooks for sale online. Click here to order. Online ordering will be available until May 15th or until books are sold out.