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Student Services


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners 


The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners Department is committed to helping students whose home language is not English in  developing academic English skills in all four language domains. The language domains are: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Students at Bromley receive explicit language instruction based on their proficiency levels. Students are identified as English Learners through a Home Language Survey.



The department provides guidance and resources to support English Learners in the classroom. Our department teaches to the Colorado State English Language Proficiency Standards using the National Geographic Reach and Inside programs.

We celebrate diversity and encourage students to maintain their home language.


Gifted and Talented

At Bromley East Charter School, gifted and talented learners will have the opportunity to explore their passions while developing their knowledge within a traditional classroom environment. Each gifted student will work collaboratively with their teachers to create an individualized, advanced learning plan to best help them to develop their unique talents. The Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) are living documents that will be updated throughout the year with each student having designated time within the classroom to work toward their goals. Differentiation within the classroom will encourage gifted learners to delve deeper into their passions, develop a higher level of understanding, and attain their full potential. To assist students with having like peers, grouping is used in elementary and middle school LEAD and Language Arts classes. For math, middle school students have the opportunity to take advanced math which covers 6th - 9th grade standards by the conclusion of 8th grade. Additionally, Bromley offers enrichment opportunities through GT retreats (twice a year), spring musical, clubs and sports. 


Math Intervention (Grades 4 - 6)

Data Driven, using  standardized tests score students receive extra support with number sense and number operations in order to build their understanding of these skills.  Along with building their number sense,  having intervention will build mathematical confidence.


Reading Support and Intervention 

Data Driven:  The Reading Intervention Team will provide additional literacy support utilizing research-based practices, CDE approved curriculum, and deliver explicit and systematic instruction integrating the Five Pillars of Reading, (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension).  We will accomplish this by providing engaging and motivating instructional lessons in small groups within a controlled and tactical learning environment, resulting in increased student achievement in reading ability, critical thinking, and problem solving skills for our 21st Century students.


Reading Intervention Program Objectives:  

  • Our students will utilize approved curriculum by the Colorado Department of Education with fidelity
  • Our students will learn at their pace, ability level, and in a multisensory learning environment
  • Our students will be immersed with research-based strategies
  • Our students will be leaders and track their literacy growth
  • Our students will be engaged within small instructional learning groups based on their most current up-to-date data points.  


Colorado Department of Education’s Literacy Vision:

Literacy is the backbone of a democratic society and is the gateway to opportunity. Anchored in the most rigorous, evidence-based research available, CDE collaboratively leads, supports and extends effective practice in literacy for all learners. As stewards of the public trust, CDE embraces responsibility for providing leadership and support for educational excellence in partnership with our constituents, the residents of Colorado.