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Special Education - Leaders Excelling And Progressing (LEAP)


The BECS Special Education Department (SPED) is dedicated to identifying and meeting the educational needs of eligible students with disabilities by providing a free and appropriate public education that is consistent with federal and state laws. Our program is committed to meeting the unique learning needs of every student through the multidisciplinary team process by individualizing the appropriate supports for each student to achieve success.


The BECS SPED Department addresses the individual needs of students who have have been identified with a mild to moderate disability in grades Kindergarten - 8th grade. Our program is designed to assist students in reaching their educational goals through the use of instructional and behavioral approaches which are research-based, modern instructional best practices, and in several cases, through the use of technology in order to specifically meet individual student needs. Program support is provided to students, parents and school personnel by our entire team including the Administrator of Special Education, Case Managers, Specialists, and Paraprofessionals.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, 2004) defines child with a disability as a child who has a qualifying disability and by reason thereof is in need of special education and related services. In other words, under the IDEA it is not enough to simply have a qualifying disability. The disability must cause the child to need special education and related services in order to access the general curriculum, which is the same curriculum taught to all children.  Students with disabilities who are not eligible for services through the SPED program, may be eligible for an accommodations plan under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.