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Leader in Me Parent Reviews


Read what Bromley families are saying about the Leader in Me model:

"As a parent of three children at BECS, I am so thrilled that there is a leadership class! The 7 Habits that they are trained in have made a positive impact in their overall school experience and personal life. They are given opportunities for leadership roles within the school (interviewing possible candidates for the Executive Director position), as well as with extracurricular activities (Girls on the Run). The faculty at BECS does an outstanding job of intertwining leadership roles and The 7 Habits into their curriculum and how their classroom runs (group work, interactive discussions). I can see the growth my children have made not only as students, but as individuals with having the leadership classroom as part of their schooling. They are better critical thinkers and feel that the way the Leadership class is taught with the 7 Habits is in a manner that they can relay to all aspects of their life now and in the future!!"

"Bromley East Charter School has done a fantastic job of helping my daughter grow into a leader. She has been given the opportunity to participate in many activities inside the classroom and out. These opportunities have allowed her to expand her initiative and learn what it means to lead others. The teachers and staff really care about the students overall success both in academics and personal growth. As a parent I could not ask for a better group of educators to encourage and guide her as she aspires to reach for the stars.
Thank you!"

"Since my son started the leadership role, he has a better understanding of household chores. He understands that the magic cleaning fairy is not real. He is actually asking for more chores to do around the house!!!!"

"My son's leadership roles at school have taught him responsibility and commitment to a greater purpose. The confidence and leadership skills he has gained at BECS, have helped him earn leadership roles on basketball and soccer teams outside of Bromley."

"Having a leadership role has helped my son because he feels better about himself and his contribution to BECS. He likes that his contribution helps him to be in school more and helps his friends to be in school more so that he can see them. I have also seen an increase in his ability to take on his own tasks."

"Having to interview for leadership positions has helped my very shy daughter increase her communication with adults and is also developing her leadership skills and building her self confidence."

"My son takes great pride in his "job" at BECS. It has given him a greater sense of community and strengthened his understanding of responsibility and commitment. My son likes being a leader and likes that his job is deemed important in the day to day at BECS."

"My 3rd grader has enjoyed the responsibility of her Leadership Role, and takes the responsibility of her 'job' seriously and is proud of her achievements from it. She is a leader at heart so this has helped her manage that leadership role."

"Being a student at Bromley has been amazing for all of my children. Most recently, my daughter had the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Role in relationship to the Meet the Candidate night. She was thrilled to be part of such a great event. I believe that having leadership roles in the classroom and at the school have helped to build confidence in my daughter. It has also helped to make her a more caring person. She has learned to take charge and be assertive, yet help out other children when needed."

"My sons leadership role effected him greatly.
He took more pride in his school work, and chores at home. His attitude changed for the better, and with a better attitude he was able to see that he could accomplish more, by taking responsibility of his actions and feelings."

"The leadership roles that BECS offers for the students to take on is amazing. My son decided there was a role he wanted to take on, so he had to apply and interview for the position. I think this teaches our children what they can expect in the real world and gives them the tools to learn from there. It enables them to think about their qualifications and what makes them the best candidate for the position. Once in a role it teaches them accountability, to make sure their job is done, if they can't get the job done to report back to their administrator. Also BECS is good about rewarding the students for their work. It makes my son feel like he has a role and his job is important because it is. In this leadership process it gets the children ready and prepares for future endeavors.

"He has become more confident!"

"My daughter's Leadership classroom and role have had a positive effect on her. She watched her older brother thrive in leadership; she looks up to him and wanted to be just like her big brother. She worked extremely hard to get to where she is today, which has rewarded her to be given the recent leadership role. She was proud of her role, and was extremely excited to be able to be a part of a process that will have a positive impact on the school."

"Leadership at BECS has had an amazing impact on our children. We feel the program has built our children's confidence and has provided them with a sense of responsibility one would not normally have the opportunity to experience at school. The outcome has been nothing but rewarding for them all and we look forward to their continued growth into responsible little beings as they continue the program."

"My son said it was fun to be helpful and do important things!"

"My daughter and a group of her friends decided that they would pitch an idea of a school clean up crew. Their plan was to spend some time during school hours and shortly after school each week to clean up the trash on the school property. They were told that was a great idea and they had to interview for the job. My daughter was nervous at first but felt such a sense of accomplishment after going through with the interview process and getting the job. She felt like she was making a positive impact taking the intuitive to be a part of such a group. She felt as though she was part of something greater than herself. Caring for the planet and the school property is a huge concern for her. She hopes that others saw what the clean up group was about and lead others to give back to the community.She went on to step out of her comfort zone and tryout for cheerleading and this all has helped her grow tremendously. BECS is all about helping to make each child a responsible individual and lead in the best of their ability. They teach to care and honor each other and lending a hand whenever they can.
We love this school!!"

"My children have enjoyed the experiences provided by the leadership classroom. The extracurricular activities provided outside of the classroom have provided an opportunity for expanded learning and growth. Currently, they are using pictures to study the trait of Synergy. The chance to study role models and leaders have served as great examples of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."

"Our daughter is more enthusiastic.
She tries her best to get things done.
Thanks for everything you all have done at BECS."

"My son participated in the parade of lights float building last Christmas and it was a good leadership experience and learning to work together to make decisions."