BECS Clubs and Activities


Our Philosophy:

We understand that your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests, and learning styles. As a Leadership In Me School, Bromley’s after-school enrichment program is designed to provide choices that support the growth of the whole child. All clubs will allow students to expand their skills and talents while working in a creative, safe, and challenging environment. Parents/guardians are welcome to volunteer alongside Club Leaders. Contact Club Leader if you are interested in supporting any of the clubs this year.

Club Fees & Expectations:

All clubs will have a fee this year of $20 per child per club (Choir $20).  The cost will allow us to properly fund supplies and program needs. Students are encouraged to attend each club session, however, please let your club leader know if your child will be absent as attendance will be taken.


  • Registration is in the Fall and Spring and will be communicated via the BECS newsletter.

  • Please note:  To complete the registration we must receive payment in full.  

  • Clubs will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Information will be posted as clubs fill up.


Birthday Card Club

Grades 3-8 (Capacity 20)

Club Leader/Room: Ms. Mortenson, Room 40

Days to Meet: Thursdays

Brief Description: This club gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and caring for others by decorating, writing, addressing, and mailing birthday cards to the students of BECS. The students will be provided all necessary materials for creating birthday cards and only need to bring themselves to Birthday Club every Wednesday. The cost is $20.


Crochet Club

Grades 5-8 (Capacity 20)

Club Leader/ Room: Ms. Sarah, Room 40

Days to meet: Tuesdays

Brief Description: The art of crochet was developed during the 16th century and has traditionally been passed down from generation; in Crochet Club, we will continue with that tradition. Students joining Crochet Club for the first time will learn about the different types of crochet hooks and yarn then quickly dive in to learn the basic Single Stitch. Once students are comfortable with the Single Stitch, new stitches will be introduced.  Students who are returning to Crochet Club from previous years will learn more advanced stitches. All students will receive a skein of yarn (colors will vary) and a crochet hook. Students need to bring both the yarn and hook to club every week.  Knowledge of crochet will be beneficial but not necessary. Crochet Club is a great opportunity for students to gain/and or master a new skill and develop friendships with peers that share the love of crochet! The cost is $20.


Good News Club

Grades: K-5 (Capacity 30)

Club Leaders/Room: Miss Anderson, Mrs. Hernbloom (CEF Staff), and Mrs. Hunter (CEF Staff) Room 225

Days to Meet: Tuesdays 3:45 p.m.-4:45 p.m.

Cost: $20.00 club registration fee

Brief Description: This club is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship, and is facilitated by trained staff. Students will hear the "Good News" that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. Students will study their Bibles and learn how to talk to God in prayer through songs, fun games, crafts, memorization contests, and discussions.  For more information visit: Space is limited, and signups are on a first come first served basis. 


PlayDoh Club

Grades: 1st - 2nd  (Capacity 20)

Club Leader/Room: Ms. Clark, Room 156

Day to Meet: Tuesday

Description: Each week we will begin club with snack and storytime.  Please pack your child an extra snack for after school on Tuesdays.  Students will be able to build and explore different centers with play-doh.  We will have contests and challenges as well.  $20.   




Wild Krats / Odd Squad Club

Grades:  1st-3rd (capacity 20)

Club Leader / Room: Ms. Clark, Room 156

Day to Meet:  Thursday

Description:  Each week we will begin club with a snack.  Please pack your child an extra snack for after school on Thursdays.  (If any parents would be willing to donate bags of pre-popped popcorn, that would be great)  Each Thursday we will learn wild animal facts by watching Wild Kratts episodes and having discussions about animals.  We will also watch episodes of Odd Squad and solve the fun math problems that the characters encounter each week. $20.


Lego Club

Grades: K-3rd (Capacity 20)

Club Leader/ Room Ms. Diaz  148

Day to Meet: Wednesdays

Description: The lego club is for students who have a love for legos. Each week students will participate in a variety of lego building challenges. Students will have the opportunity to work on their problem-solving skills individually and in a group setting.  Legos will be provided.  The cost is $20


Lego Club

Grades: K-2nd (Capacity 20)

Club Leader/ Room Mrs. Patterson Room 155

Day to Meet: Tuesdays

Description: The lego club is for students who have a love for legos. Each week students will participate in a variety of lego building challenges. Students will have the opportunity to work on their problem-solving skills individually and in a group setting.   Please pack your child an extra snack for after school on Tuesdays! Legos will be provided.  The cost is $20


Art Club

Grades: 4-5

Leader/Room: Mrs. Boyer/Elementary Art  room 

Day to Meet: Tuesday

Description: Love to draw? Come join us as we explore different techniques in drawing and shading. We will use pencils and colored pencils. The cost is $20


Dungeons & Dragons Club

Grades: 5-8

Leader/Room: Perez/Rm 052 - 6th grade Social Studies Room

Day: Monday

Cost: $20.00 club registration fee

Description: Students will engage in the classic, quintessential, timeless game known to nerds worldwide, Dungeons & Dragons! They will create characters, paint miniatures, and go on brilliant adventures. They use their wits, creativity, and problem-solving skills to tackle wild and wacky challenges, and they get wicked fast with dice math.


Liberty Kids Club

Grades: 1-5

Leader/Room: Vanessa Balzer, Room 158

The day of the week you will meet: Thursdays

Brief description of the club: Liberty Kids club is about celebrating America! Liberty kids will learn about the sacrifices of the brave men and women who helped start this country over 200 years ago! Liberty kids will learn about the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Father’s role, the Constitution, the preamble of the constitution, the identity of the state, the Bill of Rights, the importance of a commitment to the rule of law, elections, as well as who the constitution protects and how they are protected. Liberty kids will be able to identify important civic symbols and buildings and explain their meaning. Liberty Kids will learn why we celebrate the Fourth of July, Sing the Star Spangled Banner, and the why behind saying the Pledge of Allegiance! Liberty club empowers students to lead lives capable of being the next Harriet Tubman or Ronald Regan. Because America needs Americans!