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Employment at BECS


Bromley East Charter School actively seeks applications from the most capable, professional candidates.  Please click here to view open positions and to submit an online application.


Employment at BECS


Who are we? 

Bromley East is a public K-8 charter school located within School District 27J and operates as an independent charter school within its boundaries. Bromley East has its own Human Resources Department, pay structure, curriculum, and school calendar. All employees participate in PERA, Colorado’s Public Employee Retirement Association.


Mission & Vision


Board of Directors

Mission Statement: Bromley East Charter School empowers students to achieve academic excellence and leadership through critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and character development in a safe environment.


Vision Statement: Bromley East Charter School strives to become a preeminent charter school in the State of Colorado, where all students realize their maximum intellectual, character, and leadership potential in a diverse and well-defined ethical environment.



Mission/Vision: Learn. Grow. Lead. We celebrate our genius, own our journey, and lead for life.


CORE VALUES: We believe in: 

  • Success
  • Ownership
  • Attitude
  • Respect


What makes a great BECS team member? 

  • Love and believe in kids!
  • Commitment to building positive relationships
  • Growth mindset and continuous learner
  • Commitment to excellence and achieving the mission
  • Strong work ethic
  • Team player


Employee Onboarding

Bromley East is committed to ensuring new team members are successful in their roles and feel like supported members of our community. Bromley East provides job-embedded training and support throughout the year. For specific information related to our hiring process, please visit the Human Resources link.


Certified Staff

Newly certified staff members participate in two days of onboarding prior to all staff returning and will be supported throughout the year by teammates and instructional coaches. Staff needing to obtain their professional licensure will participate in a formal induction program.

Employment & Benefits


Current Openings

Substitute Teaching

Alternative Licensure



Human Resources

Teacher and Staff Testimonials


            "When I first entered Bromley East Charter School, I could immediately feel a presence of pride, spirit, and respect for learning, growing, and leading that emanated throughout the school's hallways and classrooms.  I then experienced this same presence when engaging in conversations with the passionate and knowledgeable BECS staff and when meeting the amazing students.  As the Administrator of Special Education, I feel honored and privileged to be a member of the BECS family.  It is exciting and rewarding to be a part of a school that pulls together all stakeholders to develop and ensure commitment to a clear vision and mission, purposeful and effective instructional structures and practices, and an overall passion for growing students.  Working at BECS, I have experienced belonging to a strong learning community that works daily to support our youth in developing into capable leaders of the future."  



  "Being part of the team at BECS is a tremendous blessing for myself and my family.  I have gained experience in intimate operation and the importance of each person at BECS over the last 6 years I have worked here.  I greatly appreciate our entire BECS team and believe we are comprised of high character - high integrity team members that clearly separate our school from others.  " 



"I have been involved with Bromley since the year it opened in 2001 when my son started kindergarten, a few years later my daughter also began as a student.  I knew then, as I began my own teaching career, that this was a place I wanted to work and so I did the next year as a substitute teacher and then 3 years later as a 6th-grade Math teacher.  Now starting my 13th year as a full-time teacher at Bromley I never regret this decision. Over these 18 years, I have seen many changes at BECS, but the constant is the amazing families with great kids that have come through this school.  The support and caring that I have seen from them is unparalleled. Additionally, the staff is some of the most brilliant, kind, and supportive people that anyone could hope to work with. Through Bromley’s many ups and downs over the years, the constant is the dedication to the kids and the support of our families.  These are the reasons that I will always be part of the BECS family. "

"BECS cares about teachers by providing professional development workshops, implementation of Professional Learning Communities, and mentors for new teachers.  We have high expectations at BECS and care about the success of every student. We strive to develop a culture of leadership at BECS. The Leader in Me program which is part of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People helps students identify their own unique talents and abilities, as well as encourages them to make a positive difference in the world.  I hope to inspire, motivate and cultivate leadership skills by using the 7 Habits model, so students can be life-ready leaders in an ever-changing society."