Halloween Attire (follow guidelines)

Halloween Attire (follow guidelines)

8.1.6 Optional Dress Days 

The dress of Choice Day will be designated by the school administration as appropriate. The guidelines for an allowable dress for these days are consistent with the general standards and grooming sections of the Dress Code. Casual clothing should always be clean and appropriate for school wear. The length of shorts and skirts will be the same for Dress of Choice days as it is for any other day. Bottoms may not be excessively tight or loose-fitting.

The following may not be worn:

  • Sandals

  • Leggings/Jeggings

  • Frayed or torn clothing

  • Low cut dresses or tops

  • Bare midriff style tops

  • Oversized shorts/pants worn low on hips

  • Hats

  • T-shirts with advertising and/or inappropriate language/pictures

Consequences for Non-compliance

  1. Parents will be called so that a change of clothes may be brought to school.

  2. Student may not return to the classroom until in compliance.

  3. Student may lose the privilege of “free dress” on the next day it is allowed.

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