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Student COVID:
  • If students test positive, they need to fill out the Student COVID Reporting Form, this is also linked on our COVID page of 27Js website. 
  • Students or parents need to report their absence per usual to their school and should follow these instructions to help determine their isolation period (also on 27Js website).
  • The reporting link is also located on the BECS main webpage as a button on the top left corner by attendance reporting.
Changes per CDC/Student Health & Wellness/COVID Response Coordinator: Rhonda Plambeck
  • There are no requirements to quarantine if someone has been exposed to someone, regardless if it is a home exposure or not. In short, if someone has been exposed, regardless of their vaccine status they can come to work/school if they are feeling fine and do not have any new or different symptoms. If someone has a home exposure AND develops symptoms they should test and stay home.
  • We will not be doing exposure notifications or reporting COVID positives to a dashboard = no contact tracing!!
  • We will not be monitoring illness to the degree we have in the past 2 years, we will work to follow How Sick is Too Sick and keep those with illness out of our buildings but will not be collecting information on every runny nose and sore throat that walks through our doors.